Disciple Group(s) for Men | MMA

MMA are small groups committed to intentionally walking w/ each other to trust & follow Jesus.

Getting Started

We are so glad you're interested in starting or being part of a Disciple Group (DGroup) or MMA! Sooo, What is a Discipleship Group or MMA?

A Disciple Group (DGroup) is a small group of people (3-5, same gender) committed to intentionally walking with one another to trust and follow Jesus in obedience. Our men's ministry calls Disciple Groups MMA--Meet, Memorize, and Ask.

The aim of a MMA group is that with the help of the Holy Spirit and one another, we would:

1. Grow deeper in love and obedience to God, becoming more like the one we follow - Jesus.

Specifically, through time in a Discipleship Group, you should see growth in:

  1. Christian Community: Growth in authentic, honest, sharpening community.
  2. The Word (the Bible): Growth in discipline, understanding, and the ability to handle the Word of God.
  3. Prayer: Growth in active prayer with God and trusting the Lord without ceasing.
  4. Obedience: Growth in active obedience in all ways and in the fruit of the Spirit.
  5. Multiplication: Growth in leading people to life in Jesus and making new disciples.

How to get started with a discipleship group:

  1. Invite 2-3 others to start a group with you
  2. Determine a time when you can all meet together regularly.
  3. Pick a start and end date for your MMA group to give a time period for everyone to commit to.
  4. Meet together for the first time to get to know everyone, share your stories of how you came to trust Christ, and
  5. Determine which Bible reading plan you're going to focus on moving forward. We recommend F260 Readling plans, a "read through the Bible" plan like "Bible Recap" by Tara Leigh Cobble (also found on the YouVersion App).
  6. We also provide MMA questions for your group to help you connect & hold each other accountable in your faith journey.

How long should a group meeting last?

There is no set length of time. Each group could look a little different. However we suggest setting a specific time period, and then reassessing with what is best for everyone and to always include new Believers at the table of a DGroup. If the DGroup wants to keep going, or take a break and then pick it back up, that is great. We just always want to remember we are meant to make disciples and multiply, so starting a new group for and with new followers of Jesus should always be on the table and something we are working towards.

Where should your group meet?

Anywhere. Really, anywhere. Your home, workplace, a coffee shop...anywhere. We also have space available at church that can be reserved throughout the week, so if that interests you, please fill out the form below and let's chat. But talk with the people in your group and find a location that best suits your needs.

How do we multiply MMA groups?

  1. Have multiplication as a goal from the beginning. Let everyone know up front that our aim is always to make disciples and start new MMA groups with new followers of Jesus, which may, and probably will, mean starting a new MMA group at some point to include new disciples of Jesus.
  2. If / When you lead someone to life in Jesus, invite them into your group if there is room, start a new group with them, or help connect them to a new group. The important thing is to walk with a new follower of Jesus to grow as a disciple.
  3. Share with your group specific names of people you are thinking of starting a new group with, and pray for them regularly.
  4. Take the initiative to invite new members from your LIFE Group into a MMA group with you.
  5. Let your LIFE Group leader know if you have space in your MMA group or are looking to start a new one.

Want to start a MMA?

Ask God to show you who to ask to be part of a group, and then ask them. Download or use the resources, read through the information provided on this page and on the resources, then get started. If you have any questions, please fill out the form below. We're happy to help you get your group started!


  1. Below you'll find links to the F260 Read through the Bible Plan & the F260 New Testament Plan. Please feel free to download and print.
  2. Replicate.org has A LOT of information on DGroups. We highly recommend them!
  3. You'll find info about Bible Recap: One Year Guide to Reading and Understand the Bible! Enjoy!

Note: We'd like to thank Long Hollow Baptist Church and Austin Life Church for their guidance and wording as we start Discipleship Groups at our church. Their insight and expertise has been very valuable to us.

Connect with a DGroup: