Seasonal Serving Opportunities

There are a variety of opportunities to serve during different seasons of the year.


Give us some basic information and we'll be in touch soon! We'll talk about what serving with the seasonal opportunities looks like and see if it fits you.


When you’re ready to serve, you’ll need to fill out our full volunteer application.


After you’ve completed your application, we’ll connect and train you for the specific role.

This could be a class, a coffee, or a volunteer-shadowing experience—maybe all three! Don’t worry…we’ll guide you every step of the way!

Seasonal Opportunities

  • Room-In-The-Inn
  • Room-In-The-Inn provides a warm place to stay for homeless men in our community during the winter months.
  • We need people to help set up & bring food for these men.
  • Flag Football | Sports Ministry | Hilldale offers flag football for boys and girls K-8th grade
  • We need coaches
  • People willing to hand out water at games
  • Help with Flag Football draft night (set up, decorate, clean up)
  • Help with the end of season celebration (set up, decorate, clean up).  
  • HOOPS | Sports Ministry | Hilldale Coed Basketball & Cheer Program | Begins each October & ends in February
  • Help with HOOPS draft setup, cleanup
  • Serve & clean kitchen during HOOPS draft
  • Workers for concession stand during the games (1-2hr shifts)
  • Set up & Decorate for Hoops Celebration one night in Feb.
  • Serve during Hoops Celebration one night in Feb.
  • Clean up after Hoops Celebration one night in Feb.
  • HOOPS Concession Stand | During HOOPS season, we offer concessions at the FLC in the Hebrew's Cafe. All proceeds go to FUEL to help us feed children in our county's school system in need.
  • Serve at the concession stand for a 1 or 2 hour shift
  • Christmas Store | We work with Guidance Counselors in our county's school system to identify families in need of assistance for Christmas. For a few days in December, we transform our facility into a store and these families are invited to come and shop for their children for free.
  • Bring Items
  • Help setup & tear down
  • Help in a position (Shopper, Encourager, Bagger, Children's Crafts & Snacks, Follow-up Team) the nights of the store
  • Interpreters: Spanish speakers needed to help us interpret
  • ESL | English as a Second Language course | These courses are offered as the need arises
  • We need door greeters to welcome our students.
  • Someone to make BINGO games or other games for our students
  • Someone willing to make coffee or bring cookies for our students
  • We need people willing to teach. We can train you! 
  • Fall Festival | Happens typically in October on a Friday or Saturday evening for two hours
  • Help serve over 3,000 people in our community!
  • We need people to donate candy.
  • Sign up to be part of "Trunk or Treat" and decorate your trunk for the festival
  • Sign up for a shift to work at a bouncy house or guest service tent!
  • FUEL
  • FUEL helps provide weekend food for over 2,000 students in our school system
  • We need people willing to help us bag the food when it's time--every 1 to 2 months depending.
  • You may also donate food items or give money to this ministry & we can shop for you.
  • Children or Student Missions Summer Camps:
  • Each summer our Student & Children's ministry get together for a week to serve our community
  • We need leaders to help work alongside our children & teens in a variety of ways: drivers, team leaders, team helpers etc.
  • This is a wonderful way to be "On Mission" locally
  • Other

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