No LIFE Groups for the month of July Family Style Worship Services. Get all the details here.

Preteen Ministry

A group of their own! Our 5th & 6th graders learn how to own their faith while having fun.

Let's Charge!

Meanings of CHARGE (from

  • to give an electric charge to
  • to load or fill to capacity
  • to impose a task or responsibility on
  • to command, instruct, or exhort with authority
  • to bring (a weapon) into position for attack

Let's face it - life is hard. Our tweens need to know how much God loves them, who they are in Him, and why they are told to live for Him. Our mission in HBC Tweens is to CHARGE or equip our tweens with the knowledge necessary to stand strong in their faith as they grow older.

Wednesday Nights: Charge

A worship experience designed just for preteens! Join us for Charge each Wednesday!

5:00pm-7:30pm | @ Madison St. Campus | Gym

Sooo...what do we do at Charge?

  • 5:00pm- 5:30pm | Games
  • 5:30pm-5:45pm | Dinner Provided
  • 5:45pm-6:30pm | Worship
  • 6:30pm-7:30pm | Small Group Time | 5th Grade Goes to RA's (Royal Ambassadors) or GA’s (Girls in Action) | 6th Grade Breakout Sessions

Basically, we have the best time ever!