Chapel Hill/ HBC Updates

Hilldale is excited to partner with Chapel Hill Christian Academy. Learn more!

We’re excited about our partnership with Chapel Hill Christian Academy and are preparing to welcome them to our Madison St. Campus for the 2022-2023 school year. 

We have some updates to our MSC facility that are necessary for the school to occupy our building; plus, there are repairs and updates that we’ve been needing to do even if Chapel Hill were not in the picture.

That said, we’re expecting these renovations to continue through the summer. We’ll keep you posted as plans progress.



As we are finalizing the drawings and plans for the sprinkler system to be installed and necessary construction to take place, the timeline for the finish date has been delayed slightly. As diligently as we have been working to prepare for Chapel Hill, there are always unknown factors in construction.

Unfortunately, because of these delays, our Madison St. Campus will not be ready to receive Chapel Hill students by the start of this school year. The good news is, God provides and our good friends, First Baptist Church will be able to provide their location until ours is finished! We are very thankful for their generosity! 

First Baptist will host the students at their campus no later than Fall Break. 

We know this isn’t how we planned, but we also know who’s in control. God is faithful and He directs our steps (Proverbs 16:9). We’re trusting His timing. 

Please continue to pray for Chapel Hill, for the renovations and construction at our Madison St. Campus, and for all the students who will be attending. 

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