Smile & Wave

Join us as we welcome family & friends to church! Hold doors, wave, say 'hello'--all ages welcome!

A Friendly Atmosphere Makes a HUGE Impact!

Join the front line of Hilldale as we cultivate a friendly atmosphere for our families and guests.

All ages (Children to Adults) are welcome to serve.

We need people who are able and willing to:

  • Hold doors open
  • Hold a sign
  • Wave at family, friends & guests
  • Be a friendly face
  • Say "hello" & "see you next week"

What to expect/to know:

  • HBC will provide "Welcome Home" masks for our volunteers. We ask that they be worn while serving/greeting our members & guests. 
  • Please arrive 30 minutes before you service starts to receive your task. All volunteers will meet in the Hebrews Cafe at the Life Center 30 minutes prior to the service. 
  • This is a "greeting/welcoming" team.
  • We help sanitize and clean surfaces after each service. This process is very quick when we all work together.

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